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About us

 BRC Ltd is a leading manufacturer of engineered steel products with a long and successful history of serving the construction, mining and associated industries.

This experience, coupled with a focus on customer service that is at the heart of everything we do, has earned us an enviable reputation for technical expertise, product development and problem-solving.

Our products range from rebar and standard fabric - BRC is the UK's largest supplier of steel products for use in concrete construction - through specialist products for applications such as ground stabilisation, to custom-engineered formwork, masonry reinforcement and bespoke industrial welded wire mesh.

Some customers come to us for straightforward product supply and our ability to meet the shortest of lead times; others benefit from a value added service by taking full advantage of the technical advice we can provide.

And frequently, what begins as consultancy develops into a partnering relationship which see us working together to develop intelligent solutions to real challenges, saving both time and money.

Specialist skills, progressive outlook

 The BRC name has been synonymous with innovation, manufacturing flexibility and engineering expertise since the company was founded in 1908 and these qualities remain central to our operation today.

Each of the specialist companies that make up the group - BRC Manufacturing and BRC Reinforcement - offers unparalleled experience in its own particular area and retains the flexibility and autonomy to respond quickly to the changing needs of its customers.

 On the other hand, the ability to cooperate as a group of engineering companies delivers real customer benefit through sharing of complementary skills, joint investment and the stability that comes with being part of a major organisation.

Between our two companies, each of which holds a market-leading position in its own field, we have the skills, customer-focus and market understanding necessary to drive our business forward into the 21st century.

And in doing so, we will continue to be able to deliver the products and services that your company needs today and will look for tomorrow.

BRC Limited corporate profile

BRC Limited corporate profileThis brochure gives an overview of each of the specialist companies that make up the group - BRC Reinforcement and BRC Manufacturing.

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BRC Manufacturing

Bespoke & standard welded wire mesh and accessories.

BRC Reinforcement Reinforcement solutions for the construction industry.